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Geographical information system (GIS) is a system used for collecting, storing, analysing geographical data and showing the information relying on position. GIS technology is based on different methods of creating digital data. One of the traditional methods is to transfer a map or a research plan into digital form, using electronic scanners and special software’s. Coordinates received from receivers of Global Navigation System (GNS) and recorded in geo-data are also entered into GIS. The up-to-date GIS technology receives digital data for the production of maps from pictures made from a satellite or an aircraft.
Information based on a map such as mountains, roads, lakes, countries and cities are kept on separate layers inside GIS. GIS, which brings together cartography and database technology, takes into account geographical position in order to store the date and read them from the base. This system has been used in geography, cartography, navigation, remote control, and to assess ecological impacts.
Professional database designers, software engineers and GIS analyzers groups of “İDRAK Technological Transfer” Company have been developing applied programs for mapping in navigation, speedy control and on Internet with network basis.