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GPS monitoring
GPS navigation In the modern conditions, efficient information is the most important indication of securing individual safety of everyone and, in general, of business. Fast development of technical means of transmission of information and the satellite communication systems allows creation of effective systems for the supervision of objects moving in a real time regime, and tracking them. To efficiently control mobile objects, availability of information about the whereabouts of your relatives, personal and service cars, cargo and items is important. “İDRAK” company has developed the satellite system to monitor moving objects. The long-term experience of the company in applied computer programs allows the creation of more effective, easy and simple management systems. Functions: Universal systems set up in the principle of distributed network conforming to module architecture. The system’s being in the modular approach allows its easy scaling and carrying out safety and video-surveillance functions of various objects, i.e. houses, apartments, offices, shops, multi-storeyed complexes, banks, plants and factories, car parking places, streets and roads.

The areas of application of the system:

At companies:
  • organization of surveillance inside and outside companies and offices;
  • control of the activity of a company from the apartment;
  • timely prevention of expected accidents;
  • review records of meetings;
  • supervising the activity of employees;
At houses
  • surveillance of the surroundings and entrance door of a house;
  • having information as to who and at what time came to your door while you were out;
  • preservation of video and audio recordings in all cases and only you being the holder of access to them;
  • possibility of remote control of underage children, old men and disabled;
  • in case of an accident in the electricity network, to be able to remove it or be connected to another source of supply;
  • to have sole control over your house or apartment while you were out.