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Biometric identification
Biometric identification technologies have been rapidly growing in the world. These technologies have wide application spheres; various facilities are created and developed on the basis of them. One of these type modern facilities is a biometric kiosk. The biometric kiosk presented is a multipurpose unit developed for obtaining and identification of biometric and personal data about a person. A biometric kiosk is comprised of the following:
  • monitor with a sensor;
  • 3D scanner;
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • digital camera;
  • reading unit - RFİD cards, identity cards and passport readers;
  • computer with special software.

Performance capabilities of the biometric kiosk:
  • Touch screen control of a monitor with a sensor;
  • Creation of 3D model of a person’s face using a 3D scanner
  • Reading of a fingerprint meeting the biometric standards using a fingerprint scanner;
  • Taking picture of a person meeting the biometric standards using a digital camera;
  • Reading of RFID cards and biometric passports using a RFID reader;
  • Reading of an identity card or passports using a reading device.

Following may be shown as an example for the spheres of application of the biometric kiosk:
  • registration matters and entry restriction at essential official (state) events;
  • supervision of entry to the objects of strategic importance;
  • supervision of entry to banks, buildings and during admission examinations;
  • receipt of information about those who are willing to get biometric visa passports;
  • in public transport and VIP border pass point;
  • receipt of biometric data from persons detained at police stations;
  • receipt of pensions by pensioners;
  • precise record of work time etc.

Organizations that are using:
  1. The Ministry of Emergency Situations.