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Digital video-surveillance systems

Digital video-surveillance systems are reliable security systems. Our system has been set up on the basis of up-to-date computer technologies and has wide range of functional capabilities:
  • setting up video-surveillance systems of any size;
  • archiving of video and audio data in any volume;
  • carrying out video-monitoring regardless of the place and time;
  • easy use
  • reliable safety of the system
  • programming;
  • capability of being integrated with other systems
  • capability of minimizing the human factor
Security of any object may be ensured without spending additional resources using the presented intellectual video-monitoring system. The intellectual capabilities of the system allow setting up “Intellectual house” or “Safe office”. The potential of the network allows connection of these components in the form of “Safe city” complex. The system has the following characteristics:
  1. The system has the capability to integrate any type of camera. This would allow you to set up a system, which would suit to your interests. For example: cameras with SSD sensor, mega- pixel, controlled PTZ, IP etc. are easily integrated into our system.
  2. The potential of high-level archiving of video pictures. All video and audio data in the system are archived with high quality with the latest algorithms.
  3. We have minimized the human factor by means of various analysis algorithms (movement detector, human face detector, object detector, video-signal loss detector, background detector, unsafe number detector), and have maximized the quality of work.
  4. The video archive has the potential to carry out search by camera, by time and other different incidents occurred.
  5. The system for identification of car numbers is the best means to prevent carjacking. Our system has the potential to identify car registration numbers of Azerbaijan with high quality.
  6. Using the high surveillance and control capabilities of the system, you can from any place control your camera in any part of the world. You are provided with these opportunities through a mobile phone, mobile computer and the Internet.