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The mobile search system has been designed for efficiently access several databases in order to perform their professional duties.

The offered system consists of the state-of-the-art pocket computers and employs mobile communication to ensure high-speed connection and exchange of information with the database.

The system has the following performance capabilities:
  1. operate on the whole territory of the country;
  2. have pocket and mobile facilities to access information resources;
  3. not to require special ability from working personnel and be easy for use;
  4. have online facilities in order to access data in a real time regime;
  5. have protection means against unauthorized (unapproved) access;
  6. carry out inspection of all documents contained in the system:
    • identity cards
    • passports
    • driving licences
    • technical passports of cars
    • identity cards and passports of foreign nationals
    • visas
  7. Carry out search on:
    • the list of persons wanted
    • fingerprints
    • the list of stolen cars
    • the schedule of penalties for drivers etc.