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Global processes recently occurring in the world have greatly affected the development of biometric identification technology. Biometric technologies have now become the most dynamically developing area of Information Technology. Identification by the features of a face. The work principle of these systems is based on recognizing and storing the unique features of a face and transforming them to a special digital format. The advantage of a digital format is that this format speeds up the search of the presented face in large biometric markets, and allows not only application of photo pictures, but also other methods (a picture or photo-robot drawn by an artist), protects the confidentiality of this format not-being transformed directly to a picture.
Identification by fingerprints. A print of a human finger is created by papillary lines in the finger. These lines have the following features, having created different patterns:
  • Individuality and uniqueness. Papillary lines of everyone’s finer create patterns only related to this person.
  • Constancy by time. Fingerprints belong to everyone throughout the whole life (from the birth to the death) and never change.
  • Recovering. Usually, as soon as injury of the finger skin is healed, the fingerprint recovers. Just these features allow using the fingerprints as a unique identifier.

Identification by lines of a human hand is , in terms of technology, similar to identification by fingerprints. It allows high-speed search in databases. Mathematical model of this method for identification is satisfied with just 9 bytes information in total. Other parameters of hand are also used for identification.

Identification by eyes. Hardware and software for such identification exist for already several years. There are two blocks of technology in this direction – identification by the picture of an eye apple and identification by retina. The advantage of the first technology is that identification by an eye apple may be carried out remotely.