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“Entry and departure and registration“ Inter-company Automated Data Search System (ICADSS) has been established in accordance with Decision No.925 of the Milli Mejlis of the Azerbaijan Republic “On ensuring the preparation of passport and identity card forms for the citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic” dated November 25, 1994, Item 31 of the Regulations on the application of the law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On leaving the country, coming to the country and passports” approved by Decision No.928 of the Milli Mejlis dated November 29, 1994 and the Resolution of the President of Azerbaijan Republic “On preparation of the identity card of a citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic and establishment of information-search system” dated April 12, 2000 and accepted for operation by the Government in August of 2001.

    ICADSS is comprised of the following sub-systems:
  • Sub-system for the issue and control of identity cards. A document certifying the identity of a citizen of the country in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic is an identity card of a citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic. Identity Cards in the Azerbaijan Republic are issued by 78 Regional Centres established in all cities and districts of the country.
  • Sub-system for the issue and control of passports. A passport of the citizens in the Azerbaijan Republic is a sole document issued to certify their identity outside the country, as well as to exercise the right to leave the country and arrive in the country. To receive passports, citizens of the country apply to 11 Regional Passport Centres established in the Azerbaijan Republic. Three types of passport are issued:
    1. General passport of a citizen
    2. Service passport
    3. Diplomatic passport
  • Border Control Sub-system (BCS) has been designed to solve control matters and to carry out registration of the citizens of Azerbaijan, foreign nationals and those having no citizenship upon passing the border. The system has been installed in the Centre and Checkpoint and set up on a territorially distributed network comprised of work places equipped with relevant equipment. Border control sub-system checks the accuracy of documents presented by Azerbaijani nationals, passports, visas and other documents of foreign nationals. Persons, documents and transport facilities are compared and, if no problem discovered, registration of the border pass is done.
  • Entry and departure Restriction Sub-system This sub-system is used to add transport facilities and documents to the list of restriction, as well as to activate and deactivate them. The primary objective of the system is to issue documents, and ensure the registration of persons requiring special attention (and measures) during the border pass within “Entry and departure and registration” CADSS, and treatment and transfer of these data.