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E-seal is very important for use of modern information technologies in the works on strengthening the control over shipments within the country. Because, only by using the modern facilities, essential results may be achieves. The system presented is one of such systems and allows the customs authorities to improve the control over the goods being transported within the republican territory. Mobile communication is used in the system for high-speed connection and exchange of information with original RFID (Radiofrequency Identification), electronic seal, modern Mobile Terminals and Central Database (CDB). The objective of the system is to ensure complete and reliable control over the goods passing through the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. For this purpose, the use of electronic seal and a system designed to detect removal of a seal having high-grade protection against falsification is offered. All the system has been developed based on new information, telecommunication technology and computer equipment.

  • carries out record and reports on electronic seals and sealed objects;
  • detects unauthorized acts against sealed objects;
  • keeps log of inquires and references to the Central Database;
  • prepares reports of various forms and contents.

Areas of application:
  • Meters (gas, electricity etc.)