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3D virtual tour
The creation of 3D models is aimed at practical purposes, as any photo-realistic 3D computer model is more informative and intuitive notion as compared with a scheme, plan, drawing or map. The purpose of the project is to create large information systems set up on the basis of integration of various data banks and 3D visualization means. The up-to-date virtual reality technology and 3D visualization have actually been the element basis for the creation of new generation multimodal human-computer interfaces. They allow the creation of various solutions (wow technologies) and others for training equipment, interactive teaching virtual environments, virtual priorities, digital planetarium, advertising and marketing. The areas of application for these models are:
  • Forecasting of the areas’ development, as well as development of the areas’ master plan. Modelling of the area development, taking into consideration the existing infrastructure, re-development of the infrastructure elements and the area plan, including transport networks
  • Modelling of the construction of new objects in the place of the existing ones;
  • Assessment of construction projects in terms of architecture, quality and aesthetic criteria, analysis of shading and light, taking into account the possibility of connecting gas, electricity, water pipes and sewage systems;
  • Record of immovable property and land plots. Finding a place for buildings;
  • Supporting development of tourism. Creation of 3D photo-realistic models of theatres, parks and beaches, resorts, tourist bases, cafés and restaurants, hotels. Preparation of virtual tours to these establishments. Preparation of virtual tours to historical and architectural monuments, museums, historical castles etc.;
  • Preservation of the cultural and historical heritage. Creation of precise 3D models of architectural monuments, together with their interior decorations. Creation of catalogues of museums and exhibits (including those kept in a storehouse);
  • Planning of forces and facilities to be required for different types of rescue operations. Provision of maximum necessary information required to carry out these operations and reflection of a complete picture associated with condition should be possible in such models. This type of operations may be carried out after destruction of buildings, earthquake and fire. At the same time, struggle against terrorism and capture of criminals may be included in such operations. All infrastructures, i.e. electricity, water, gas lines, sewage, basements, roofs and sheds of houses must precisely be shown in these models. All this information may be of an extreme importance at the time of carrying out such operations;
  • Creation of immovable property cadastre, purchase and sale of objects of immovable property, advertising and demonstration of the objects of immovable property to potential buyers;
  • Creation of a precise model of urban infrastructure, creation of models of electrical supply, heating supply, water, gas lines, communication objects and lines, transport lines and units, indication of railway stations, transformer networks, pump and water heater stations etc;
  • Monitoring of urban environmen

3D virtual tours we have prepared:
3D scanners have been used for precise preparation of the models contained in these virtual tours.