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3D Engineering

What is a 3D model and what is it for? 3? 3D model is a three-dimensional model of an object allowing seeing the object from any point of the space and developed according to its drafts, pictures and drawings. Lighting, reflection, shading etc. effects may be applied to such model. As a result, the model may be used to do animation and create video roles. The most essential factor is that this model will not differ from the physical object it was created from. Following should be done in order to get three-dimensional picture on a plane:
  • Modelling –creation of three-dimensional mathematical models of objects and episodes;
  • Rendering(visualization) –building a draft according to the chosen physical model;
  • Sending of the received pictures to output facility or to a printer.

3D modeling and animation is widely used in creation of art films, computer and mobile games, media-advertisements and internet sites. In addition, it is not sufficient just to create a 3D model; efforts must be made to get real compliance with the physical model. 3D scanners are used to get such precise models.
3D scanner
3D scanner is a device, which is analysing the physical objects based on the data related to the 3D model to be created.
Scanners are irradiated with waves directed towards the object and discover its reflection for analysis. Possible types of the used radiation includes light, ultrasonic or X-rays.
The 3D model received by means of scanning may be printed by a 3D printer or demonstrated using a 3D monitor.
Our company has a few scanners (Laser class1), and one of these scanners is Riegel ground scanner, which has potential to scan up to 400m with accuracy within 6mm. We have scanned a number of objects using this scanner and have created virtual tours from the created models. Other scanners can scan objects with the accuracy within 0.15 mm. Using these scanners, precise 3D models of exhibits kept in museums and historical monuments may be made.
Other scanners can scan objects with the accuracy within 0.15 mm. Using these scanners, precise 3D models of exhibits kept in museums and historical monuments may be made.
3D visualization and animation
3D visualization is the description of an object in a three-dimensional system. Using 3D visualization we can see the form, size and colour of an object. Using this technology, the object can be seen from all sides.
Created virtual tours may be made more beautiful and dynamic using 3D animation. Created virtual tours and virtual roles are widely used in adverts, animated and art films. All wishes may be made true using the created 3D models.
Physical description of three-dimensional objects.
Three-dimensional graphic is usually associated with virtual works creating the feeling of three-dimensional space, which is reflected on even, two-dimensional plane of paper or a display. Currently several methods exist to volumetrically reflect three-dimensional data, most of which describe volumetric characteristic conditionally as they work with stereo-pictures. To demonstrate three-dimensional pictures in this sphere, 3D and stereo glasses, virtual helmets and 3D displays may be mentioned.
3D displays

Three-dimensional or stereoscopic displays (3D displays, 3D screens) are those displays that create real volumetric illusion on the pictures being demonstrated, or displays with stereoscopic means.
3D monitor is a screen allowing seeing a three-dimensional picture, and working with a principle of different signals for left and right eyes individually. These monitors consist of microlenses controlling light rays and software allowing demonstration of 3D pictures.
There are several types of three-dimensional monitors: stereoscopic, auto stereoscopic, holographic etc.
A stereoscopic 3D monitor forms individual pictures for each eye. These monitors are used at exhibitions, 3D modelling of interiors, computer designing, video-games and for other purposes. These monitors are used in our company to watch virtual tours.
3D glasses

Stereo-picture is a picture allowing getting a stereo effect using two separate pictures.
In order to create stereo picture in three-dimensional modelling, double rendering of the area must be performed from two cameras according to the eyes of observers. Accordingly, a special monitor is required to work with 3D glasses.
In the use of active technology, glasses are not just a cardboard mock-up having red “eyes”. These glasses fully conform to up-to-date technology and have little difference as compared with simple sunglasses.