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The Register of Addresses

The primary objective of creating the Register of Addresses is to create the address system on the Republic of Azerbaijan having a unique identifier and ensure that all companies operating in the republic make use of this system. A change in this system made to any address will be seen on all pages at a time. It will be possible to get the post address by giving the address identifier or, vice versa, to get the address identifier by showing the post address.

Address is a structured description explicitly determining the object of address and showing in a locally accepted form. Objects of the register of addresses: territorial unit, a district of republican importance, city, district within a city, settling, village, micro district, block, area, street, side-street, turn, building, apartment.

The Register of Addresses (RoA) system has the following capabilities:
  • Correct entry of new objects of addresses:
    1. Upon entering new objects of address (building, street, settling, village, district etc.) into RoA, checking of the cases of their coincidence with other objects in the geographical place of location of these objects should be carried out. If any object so entered coincides with any other geographical objects, operation on the entry of the new address should not be performed and the system must inform about it. Otherwise, the operation should be performed.
  • To make alteration to the existing address
  • To alter names of buildings or numbers thereof.
  • Change of a buildings relation.
  • Change of names of streets.
  • Change of a street’s relation.
  • Change of territorial units’ names
  • Change of relation of a territorial unit.
  • Operations on combination of several objects into one or division of one object into two or more portions should be performed on RoA system. Following cases may be reviewed here.
  • Change of the object’s geometric parameters
  • Retention of the dates of changes made on the objects and rehabilitation of old values.
  • Cancellation of existing data from the Register of Addresses:
    1. Possibility of cancellation of a selected region should be ensured.
    2. Possibility of cancellation of a street should be ensured.
    3. Possibility of cancellation of buildings or structures should be ensured.
    4. Existing addresses may be cancelled based on mentioned reasons.
  • The system has the potential of universal inquiry:
    1. Search by a user of the objects of address by the attributes of the object.
    2. User’s ability to choose any attributes of the results of inquiry.
    3. Demonstration of the results of the inquiry in the form of a table or a map, depending on the user’s wish.
    4. Storing by the system of the given inquiry, changing it and giving the new one. (These stored inquiries may be used to get statistical data).
  • Storing the information about all changes made to addresses and objects of address:
    1. In the system of Register of Addresses, record of information about entering new addresses or objects of address. Information about entering a new address or address of object should be stored.
    2. Record of information about the changes of address and items of addresses should be carried out in the system of Register of Addresses.
    3. Record of information concerning the cancellation of an address or objects of address should be carried out.
    4. Upon introduction by a user of certain date into the system of Register of Addresses, the list of addresses existing on that date should be given by the system to the user.
  • To perform the following operations on the map:
    1. Performing geometrical operations on the objects.
    2. Performing geometrical operations on the objects.
    3. Defining the distance between objects.
    4. Defining the certain type of object on the map being the closest to the point.
    5. Carrying out searches on the map

The areas of application of the system of the Register of Addresses
The unique registration system of addresses (the Register of Addresses) has been designed for unique identification of the addresses in Baku City.
  • Migration Department
  • The Ministry of Sports, Youth and Tourism
  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Transport
  • The Ministry of Emergency Situation
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, etc.
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